NLCC 5115 Dean Street, Woodstock, IL

Sermon Audio Tracks

The Truth in Love
The Father’s Influence
The Believer’s Authority
Righteous in the Middle
A Time for War
Are We Pentecostal?
For Such a Time as This
God has the Last Word
Recipe for Victory
Victory Over
Hearing the Voice of God
The Devil’s Triangle
Reset for Reformation
The Greatest Reset
The Foreword is Coming Back
Back and Foreword
The Other Side
The Tale of Two Philadelphia’s
The Courage to Fear God
The Steps of a Good Man
Righteousness or Reproach
Blood and Water
The Holy Spirit Upon You
Are You in Trouble?
The Miracle of Motherhood
The Bible is the Word of God
Believing Makes it Possible
Mission Possible
The Spoils of War
Celebrate the Savior
Three Crosses
Make Way for the King
Things to Come
Love God more than Life
The Word of our Testimony
The Weapons of our Warfare
Turn from Darkness to Light
Invade the Darkness
Walk in the Light
In the Last Days…What?
Walk Through Your Breakthrough
Life From Prayer and Fasting
Are Prayer and Fasting Effective
Pray, Fast and Get Real
What Is God Saying About 2023
Women of Strength
In Him Is Life