NLCC 5115 Dean Street, Woodstock, IL

Sermon Audio Tracks

The Purpose of Light
Let There Be Light
Be Humble…Be Strong
Be Faithful to God
Honor Christ With Your Life
A Message For Marriage
Do What’s Right
Chosen to Live
A Real Reason For Hope
What Are We Doing?
The Power-Full Church
Six Excuses For Not Operating in Authority
The Believer’s Authority
The Power of Influence
The Work of the Ministry
Let’s Get This Party Started
America’s Mission Field
Shaken and Stirred
Shake Us, Wake Us!
The Power of the Name of Jesus -Elder Vern Swanson
In God we Trust
Be a Believer
Our Lives with God
All Things are Possible with GOD!
Awaken the Power of the Church – Guest Speaker Pastor Jess Gibson
The Persecution of the Church
The Prayer of the Church
The Love of the Church
What it Means to Serve
What is Pentecost?
Wonder Women
High Definition Christianity
Let’s Get Real About Revival
Opportunities We’ve Never Seen
What to do after the Resurrection
Resurrection Sunday
Good Friday
Revival’s Journey continued
Revival’s Journey
Kingdom Revival
Faith Fleshed Out
Why is Healing Part of the Gospel?
Do We Need Miracles?
Signs of the Gospel
Rejoicing in the Results of Opportunity
Taking Action When Opportunity Arises
Prepare for Opportunity
2018-The Year of Opportunity
The Gift of JESUS
The Gifts of Christmas: Peace
The Gifts of Christmas: Joy
The Gifts of Christmas: Love
The Gifts of Christmas: Hope
Give Thanks for God’s Grace
True Conversion
What are we Witnessing?
What do we Preach to Reach?
The Definition of Courage
Acts 5 – All or Nothing
One Way or Another
The Purpose of a Miracle
Let’s Get Real
Back to Church
Leave a Legacy
Labor of Love
Trust and Obey, There’s no Other Way
How Do I Trust God?
What is Ministry Success?
Praise — Your Path to Victory (Ed Chambers)
Healthy Relationships- Pt12 You and Your Church
Healthy Relationships- Pt11 You and Your Ministry
Healthy Relationships- Pt10 You and Your Time
Healthy Relationships – Pt9 You and Your Money – Ed Chambers
Your Encounter with God – Jess Gibson
The Mission of a Father
Healthy Relationships- Pt8 You and Your Co-Workers
Healthy Relationships – Pt7 You and Your Friends
Healthy Relationships – Pt6 You and Your Country
Healthy Relationships – Pt5 Praying for Your Family
Healthy Relationships – Pt4 You and Your Family
Healthy Relationships-Pt3 You and Yourself
Healthy Relationships-Pt2 You and God’s Word
Healthy Relationships-Pt1 You and God
Never Alone – Resurrection Day
Great Expectations
Sowing and Reaping (Ed Chambers)
What Will I Become?
Does God Hurt People?
Your Top Priority – Spiritual Development
Let the Sower Sow the Word (Ed Chambers)
How Can I be Happy?
Does God Care?
One Step at a Time
What Happens After You Believe
The Gift of Righteousness
The Life of Righteousness
The Rest of Righteousness
Signs of the Days of 2017