NLCC 5115 Dean Street, Woodstock, IL

Sermon Audio Tracks

The Devil’s Triangle
Reset for Reformation
The Greatest Reset
The Foreword is Coming Back
Back and Foreword
The Other Side
The Tale of Two Philadelphia’s
The Courage to Fear God
The Steps of a Good Man
Righteousness or Reproach
Blood and Water
The Holy Spirit Upon You
Are You in Trouble?
The Miracle of Motherhood
The Bible is the Word of God
Believing Makes it Possible
Mission Possible
The Spoils of War
Celebrate the Savior
Three Crosses
Make Way for the King
Things to Come
Love God more than Life
The Word of our Testimony
The Weapons of our Warfare
Turn from Darkness to Light
Invade the Darkness
Walk in the Light
In the Last Days…What?
Walk Through Your Breakthrough
Life From Prayer and Fasting
Are Prayer and Fasting Effective
Pray, Fast and Get Real
What Is God Saying About 2023
The Reason for Christmas
The Mission of Christmas
The World Before Christmas
The Road to Christmas
Beautiful Feet Bring Good News
Be Approved Not Ashamed
Don’t be Ignorant
The Character of Faith
Faith in the Will & Word of God
Faith and Prayer
Prayer and Faith
Don’t Freak Out
This is Harvest Season
The Power of Praying Together
How Prayer Prepares
The Foundation of Biblical Prayer
10 Commandments of a Missional Church
The Missional Church
The Battle for Souls
The Clash of Kingdoms
Communion or Communism
The Psalm 2 Prophecy
What are you Devoted To?
Be a Wake Church not Woke
God, Help Us Help Others
America the Beautiful
What Shall We Do?
The Father and Son
The Action of Acts
Pentecost – Feast of Harvest
Fight the GOOD Fight
The Human Problem – Trafficking
Ready… Set… Go… Church
Mothers on Mission
The Church is Launched
The Church After Easter
The Stone Still Rolls
The Cross Brings Life
Welcome the King
God’s Weapon for Peace
Basic Training: Baptisms
God’s Armed Services
Famine of Hearing God’s Word
The Fight for Freedom
War and Peace
And So It Begins
Live a Life of Love
What is Life?
The Sanctity of a Seed
You’re IN for IT
Breakthrough in 2022
God’s NEW for 2022
The Preparation of Prophecy
God is Still With Us
Joy to Your World
The Gift of Christ
Christ Changes Your World
Give Thanks to God
Forbidden Faith
Living in God’s Love
The Necessity of Love
When Revival Takes Hold
Why We Need Revival
The Devil in the Dark
Where Are We Going?
Don’t Sleep – It’s Harvest
Your Family’s Mission
The Legacy of Your Family
Your Labor of Love
Your Family has a Purpose
Your Family, Your Future
The Mission of a Seed
The Seed is in the Fruit
Known by our Fruit
Get Used to Different
The Responsibility to Give
Anointed to Serve
The Touch of God
What is Real Revival?
The Father’s Day
Born to Burn
The Art of Living
Trial by Fire
The Power of Pentecost
The All-Sufficiency of Christ
Building Up the Body of Christ
The Cost of Following
The Gallery of God
Send Us Salvation
The Voice of Faithfulness
How Does God Judge?
The Voice of Justice
The Voice of Righteousness
Listen Up! God’s Giving
Do You Love God?
The Display of Holiness
What Makes God’s Kingdom Right?
Kingdom Righteousness
The Fight for Life
The Heart of the Kingdom
A New Kingdom Era
Christmas Eve 2020
Count on Jesus
What is the Meaning of the Message?
What is a Christian?
What is the Gospel
Happy Thanks-Serving
Countering a Cancel Culture
The Kingdom Battlefield – Truth and Lies
Character Counts
The Power of Presence
Love Lived Out
Imitate Jesus
What Our Nation Needs
God is Awesome
Get Righteous
Sound the Trumpets!
Are You Rapture Ready?
What Accepting Christ Really Means
Are You in Faith or Fear?
The Unfinished Assignment of the Church
Take Courage and Stand Strong
The Good Fight of Faith
The Armor of God
Spiritual Warfare 101
I’m not Sure, but GOD Is!
What America Needs Most
Authority or Anarchy
Not Many Fathers
What Divides Us – What Unites Us
The Effect of the Cross
Women of Strength
In Him Is Life