NLCC 5115 Dean Street, Woodstock, IL
Prayer and Email Chain

The backbone of the church is prayer. Prayer is the foundation for all our ministry endeavors.  We participate annually in the National Day of Prayer on the Woodstock Square with several other churches in the community. We also conduct on-site prayer walks from time to time in such places as our local schools, county government center and city squares.

We are made strong and we are healed as we pray for one another. You can submit a personal prayer request to our email prayer chain anytime, 24 hours a day, and the request will be shared in confidence and passed on only to those who are part of our intercessory email prayer team. The request for this prayer chain are for personal needs and not for general prayers for nations or “world peace” etc. While these things are important, we try to keep a focus  on praying for needs for individuals and their families. You can send prayer requests to:  We also encourage you to share your answers to prayers offered on the chain to pass on praise reports of what God has done. Prayer unites us in the fight to reach a lost and hurting world.!

Men’s Ministries

Men face many challenges in today’s world. Financial and family pressures, stress from the job or the lack of employment, work overtime in their thoughts. Living pure lives with integrity and confidence takes more than a personal commitment. Men draw strength from each other in God centered environments. That’s why we offer a monthly men’s get-together called “Guys and Grills”. It’s not your typical Bible Study. There’s always food, usually door prizes galore and short testimonies of what God is doing in our lives; and yes, a short Bible teaching. We meet usually the third Thursday of each month from 6:30pm – 8pm, sometimes inside, sometimes outside; sometimes grilled food and sometimes oven-baked or catered. It’s always good!

Men’s Bible Studies on Monday nights, Sunday’s after service, at various locations as well as our IRON MEN where men can get together and study what the Bible says about living lives of purity, focus and success in all arenas; home, business and ministry. Grab hold of the real gusto in life: a strong relationship with Jesus and other godly men!  “Iron Men” bible study meets the first Thursday of each month.

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Women’s Ministries

Our women at NLCC focus on worship and the strong, clear teaching of the Word of God. Our ladies meet for topical Bible studies. The Women’s ministries in the church are coordinated and led by Adele Schilder.

Our Women are serious about prayer and have completed two Bible Studies using the WAR ROOM prayer curriculum. They are getting ready next for a powerful series of lessons on the subject of “Spirit, Soul, & Body”. Days and times change with each session. Check the calendar for the latest updates.

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Worship Team

More than music, the NLCC Worship team seeks to use both vocal and instrumental talents to honor the Lord and draw His presence to meet us in a tangible and life-changing way. There are opportunities to serve if you have a strong musical background and and take seriously the commitment to be at weekly practices and work together as a team to foster unity and minister first of all to the Lord, and secondly to bring people closer to God. We expect our time of worship to lead us to listen and follow the Holy Spirit for further ministry as He comes to encourage, heal and build up the body of Christ.

Social Media

We live in a sight and sound generation. We communicate and connect through many means of social media:  Facebook, Twitter, Text, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. The main thing is that people are connecting with each other and with God. In the book of Acts, the Bible tells us that the church was made strong by reason of instruction or teaching the Word of God, by the breaking bread or eating together, by prayer and by fellowship or communication. We need to stay connected to stay strong in the Lord. We believe the use of social media is a powerful vehicle that can be used for good. We encourage you to stay connected to NLCC an our online community.  Let’s stay in touch!

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Dinner and a Movie

Three to four times a year, NLCC offers a free dinner and a movie event, featuring a full meal, deserts, door prizes, short films and a full length feature film with faith-based Christian emphasis. (Who says Christians cant have fun?!) This evening gives us a chance to offer entertainment the whole family can participate in and is open to people of all churches and unchurched backgrounds. Child care with younger age-appropriate shoes is provided for kids age 8 and under.

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Community Outreach

Twice a year we reach out to our community with the gospel message wrapped inside helping hands and open hearts, providing free backpacks and bibles, shoes or school supplies in the summer and toys or other presents and dinner near the Christmas Holiday. Each year we reach out to a new group of people that God directs us to help. Our entire church gets involved, and it is truly, we who have the chance to give, that are the most blessed!

Ministries We Support


The Life Center reaches out to offer Pro-Life choices to women who are pregnant and not sure what to do. TLC offers loving support to the mother and father and their families, providing free ultrasounds, prayer support, biblical counseling, as well as clothing and supplies for children after they are born. They offer services in Elgin and Schaumburg.

Foursquare Children of Promise

Each month we support Missions works that reach around the world. Foursquare Children of Promise provides housing and food for orphans in Cambodia, churches are planted, and skills are taught to educate young people providing hope for their future.

Foursquare Missions Press

Foursquare Missions Press is responsible for printing millions of pieces of gospel literature, books, tracts, Children’s Gospel boxes and building mobile printing presses in nations around the world.